Our 2015 Performance Schedule will be posted when completed later in 2015

2014 Performance Schedule

Mike O'Reilly (M.C.)
Sound by Brad Woodcock

Friday, June 20th
6:30-7:00Opening Ceremonies
7:00-7:40 Feller & Hill & The Bluegrass Buckaroos
7:45-8:25 Georgian Blue
8:30-9:10 The Sweet Lowdown
9:15-9:55 Feller & Hill & The Bluegrass Buckaroos
10:00-10:40 The Crowe Brothers
Saturday, June 21st
10:15-10:55 Georgian Blue
11:00-11:40 Hometown Bluegrass
11:45-12:25 The Tebworth Brothers
12:30-1:10 The Emory Lester & Jill Jones Band
1:15-1:55 The Sweet Lowdown
2:00-2:40 The Crowe Brothers
2:45-3:25 The Spinney Brothers
3:30-4:10 The Bluegrass Mountaineers
4:15-4:55 Children's Contest Winners
5:00-5:25 Supper Break
5:30-6:10 Rescue Junction
6:15-6:55 The Sweet Lowdown
7:00-7:40The Tebworth Brothers
7:45-8:25 Hometown Bluegrass
8:30-9:10 The Crowe Brothers
9:15-9:55The Spinney Brothers
10:00-10:40 The Bluegrass Mountaineers
"Hands On" Workshops
Saturday, June 21st
10:30am Bass Glenn George
11:30am Banjo Larry Johnson
12:30pm Fiddle Leslie Dawn Knowles
1:30pm Mandolin Emory Lester
2:30pm Dobro Gord Devries
3:30pm Guitar Jerry McNulty

Sunday, June 22nd
10:15-10:55 Rescue Junction
11:00-11:40 The Tebworth Brothers
11:45-12:25The Spinney Brothers
12:30-1:10 Hometown Bluegrass
1:15-1:55The Bluegrass Mountaineers
2:00-2:40Rescue Junction
2:45-3:25The Spinney Brothers

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